Ordering again. Tried 20x back in March for an unconventional business and all are sticking and natural. Great service.
Most legit google reviews provider on BHW. Super sticky reviews, real people and real accounts. As ADVERTISED. I tried many of the $3 to $10 providers and most got removed. And I even got scammed. You will get your money's worth going with blackhat64's service"
Hello, we've tried this service before with success a couple months back, however the provider is not responding to inquiries on Skype. Perhaps he's on vacation? Looking for a bulk order of 20.
hi guys, pls DM me your skype. I haven't been posting in the public threads because we've been super busy already. Reach me on telegram also, the skype invitation link is broken
F You Are Tired of ....

1. Disappearing Google Reviews ...
2. Providers Who can't follow instructions ;) ,...
3. Providers Who Run Away with your money...
4. Providers Who only show your screen shots of work samples...
4. Providers Whose Reviews Disappear After 1 Month.. and come up with an excuse "google removed all of them" << because that excuse is bullshit.

I am the ONE you seek! I AM THE END GAME. The end all be all.

Also, I DO NOT practice the following as it may hurt your GMB profile:
1.No proxies,
2.No bots,
3.No fake IPS,
4.No VPNs,
5.No purchased aged Gmail accounts,

NO bull shiet.

Reviewers with dated PUBLIC review history list not Private. Just real people from your local area who have unique Mobile EID, authentic SIM Cards, authentic Phone Numbers with authentic serial #s and REAL Billing addresses.. These are people who use their mobile devices / desktops using REAL residential IPs., . All of reviews arranged by me stuck 99% since October 2023 because it was all done by REAL people close my clients' local targeted businesses. https://join.skype.com/invite/c0amoPqHp8oG. Comes with 1 month warranty.

In summary
- I will make proper arrangements with locals submit a review for your business with 2+ year old google account minimum.
- My reviewers have a PUBLIC history of feedbacks (NOT PRIVATE) that span out for YEARS that your potential clients/customers can investigate ! (watch out for these) < just shows how real they are.
- Review history of reviewer in the same city. Example: if
- Profile photos
- Relevant names to the country they are living in
- Drip rate of .4 to .7 average per day
- Job photos can be included for extra.
- https://www.blackhatworld.com/members/blackhat64.1607186/#feedback.
- No minimum order, I will not disappear/runaway/go POOF or keep making excuses for delays! Ask for a refund anytime and you will get it.
- Work samples available for you to investigate.

Ask anyone in my thread about the review quality they received.

Is it just me or is the Skype link given broken?
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