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Audience insights ISNT DEAD, heres how to use it

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by zionbar, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. zionbar

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    Apr 6, 2015
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    Hi guys,

    I'm not a guru, a psychic or an fb ads god first off lol.
    I did however watch hundreds of videos and tutorials on fb ads and starting to finally get it (plus spent a few hundreds to test things out), I got my first few campaigns profitable, thank god.

    Anyway one change that really freaked people out is the "affinity" score gone from audience insights.

    Second, the algorithm was changed, if you type in a keyword like " DOGS" under "interests", you get general results like "Eminem (love him) Walmart, Target " and some other generic crap.

    Audience insights did change but its def not "broken" or "useless".

    Heres how I do my targeting now (worked for me thus far), ill use "dogs" as an example:

    1. Go to facebook -> search for pages with a lot of engagement in the dogs niche (i heart dogs, i love my dog and all these)
    2. Use these pages as an "interest" in the audience insights tool
    3. You will get more great specific fan pages that are related to your niche
    4. "manually" check engagement on all of them ( aff tool is gone so...)
    5.Use these in your ad sets

    Simply avoid general keywords in the audience insights from now on.

    A few months ago if you would type "dogs" you would get a ton of results related to the dog niche, but with how they changed it, you must be more SPECIFIC now and use something like a page name, or someone thats really big in that niche (like this Cesar Mellon guy or w/e his name is).

    Hope that helped!
    Happy 4th to all you American fellas.