Attn. N00bs How much time do you spend on BHW daily?

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    Me being a noob in IM myself I was wondering how much time do beginners actually spend trying to learn IM using this forum or using other sources? How much time do you dedicate to just doing research on this forum and trying to read as much as possible?

    I usually log on to BHW around 10pm and log off around 3-4ish am so pretty much i spend around 5-6 hours daily reading BHW, ebooks and using google to get more info on stuff i learn at BHW. I been doing this for around 2 weeks now straight. There is so much to learn I learn new things, ideas, strategies, etc everyday. So in my opinion im not waisting time.

    Im currently unemployed from my 9-5(work got slow) but I use ebay as a source of income right now that's why i have fukked up sleep hours.
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    at first i used to spend about 5-6 hours reading .. now i spend about an hour -an hour and a half reading through out the day... 10 min here .. 20 min there .. and the rest of the time actually taking action and throwing a bunch of things at the wall to see what sticks .. the more you work the more luck you'll get.
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    In the beginning, 4-6 hours reading/day ..

    Now at most 2 hours/day ...
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    I keep it open all day long. This place is inspiration and can break a cycle of getting nothing done.

    I would highly suggest that you pick a method and try it. Pick something that interests you and that you feel comfortable trying out, and go with it. Do not get to sucked in to reading all about how to do this and how to do that, instead come here when you need help or have something to contribute.

    If you are not looking for something particular or not contributing limit yourself to 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. Spend the other 5 - 6 hours online trying different methods, testing things out yourself, thinking of your own methods.

    This is one of the best forums I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot, but on the downside of that, I truley believe that this place is addictive and you have to set a time limit, and stick to it.

    If you are totally new, and not sure what to do, pick a simple method and run with it. I would highly suggest that if you are totally new to IM and looking to make a career out of this that you need to learn SEO. I would also say that you need to learn whitehat SEO first, then move to some Blackhat stuff, after you have your feet wet with it.

    There are tons of ways to make money online, and there are new ways being thought of everyday. You can choose to try someone's old way and make what is left over, or you can start your own method and become a "GURU" with your own methods.

    I highly suggest that second choice.

    Good Luck, and I truley mean that. You will need it. It is not just a saying that 98% fail, that is a fact.
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    Initially I used to spend a lot of time... But now not more than an hour... I ll be busy implementing what I have read here and trust what ever is shared works here given the fact that the you have to use your own tweaks. You copy paste everything you will go no where.
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    i was reading bhw for probably like 6 hrs a day for 2 months straight before i started making any real money.
    the first couple of days i had so many ideas running through my head i literally couldn't sleep. haha.
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    Nowadays probably only around half an hour at most per day, the rest of the time its work work work :684: