ATTENTION PET NICHE PPL: Hoping to start a conversation about a pet niche opp I'm building

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    Hey Marketers,

    We're a couple affiliate marketers who are making the leap from affiliates to merchants with our first full blown digital education course product in the pet niche.

    This course will teach the subscriber over 4.5 hours of information presented in beautiful, fun and funny video format we've learned from owning this particular animal breed that we didn't learn from the internet or you simply have to learn from owning one. Sadly many of this breed end up in rescues or being surrendered as they can be very difficult, though they are gorgeous and fulfilling to own when you're fully aware of what is involved. We hope to raise awareness to those seeking this breed by giving them everything they would need to know to have the best ownership experience possible as well as reduce the number of rescues and surrenders from misinformed or uninformed owners.

    We're expecting the product to sell at pre-launch for $79.

    We're expecting to pay a $20 commission during pre-launch for closed sales with no refund during the 7 day satisfaction period. We don't anticipate lowering the commission for any reason at this time post launch.

    What questions you would have about a pet niche digital education course or problems you've had with digital education course type products in the past? Do you LOVE them or HATE them?

    We're providing all the most popular banner ad sizes, email templates, sample tweets and facebook posts, images that can be used on instragram feeds and tumblr feeds. What are other tools and resources you wish you had to promote products?

    You'll have your own dashboard you can log into obviously where you can see clicks, leads, sales and earnings. All mobile friendly. Payouts are set to monthly. We currently only offer Paypal payments for affiliates. Cookie length is 30 days. If the subscriber cancels within the 7 day trial period and resubscribers within the 30 day cookie period you'll still receiver your commission.

    We're aware that there is a forum here for posting affiliate programs, but we'd like to polish up the backend a bit more with your feedback to make sure it's as affiliate friendly as possible. Then we'll release it for signups/promotion.

    Any thoughts, feedback and input is very much appreciated. We're excited to work with affiliates on this product launch!

    Jesse & Alyssa