Attempting my first proper journey to $100 per day via AdSense

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    Hey guys just wanted to share my journey with you's as I have been stalking around the forums for quite some time now and I have learnt various tips and tricks so less of the chit chat and here are some details!

    My site is a fight video based website and nearly all of my traffic is from Facebook and YouTube and just a few from search engines, the site has been up now roughly 3 weeks and in total its had around 175k page views and 25k unique visitors which isn't that bad I suppose but I'm aiming to achieve a lot more as more page views/visitors = more chance for clickies!

    I first started driving traffic to my site by posting the link all over YouTube and liking the comments to hit the top comments spot which was going fine but I decided I WANT MORE! So I got on the prowl around Facebook asking page owners to share my page and lord and behold one page did and I got around 1k likes from it that was around 1 week ago and now we currently have around 9.2k likes on the page and it grows pretty fast I must say.

    For me to make this work I'm not going to do anything special, just drive traffic and hope for the best!

    For my SEO I have been doing various article submissions and also a submission through SbWire which have done pretty well for some niche keywords as its made me hit page 1 but the keyword which I'm fighting for is 'Fight Videos' which seems to be a toughy as my site keeps doing the big G dance.

    I have also paid for various SEO services.
    Total earnings up to yet $223.33 and I will try to update every day on how much I've made from the previous day, page views and also any other information which is relevant :) Any tips and advice would be fantastic! Stay cool BHW!

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