At what age did you had the maximum drive to make money?


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Aug 6, 2018
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When i was younger i was very hungry for making it big, i even had no red lines or limits you could say, i would rob you stab you or burn your house down if it ended in getting money.

Later on becoming a hustler for everything drug / gambling and landing related. (see at as BS if you wish, the rest of my post will clarify why i don't really care)

Than i had many "life changing events" on the bad side and on the good side. now this hunger is almost eliminated and what is left is just a humble perspective.

I know its bad to lose all hunger, but take into consideration i was extreme, when i did want it, and i was under extreme scenarios due to this.

I have lost 4 friends who got murdered. i was kidnapped and have 2 fingers cut off (not sure why i even post it), and i did many bad things as a person.

Than 10 years later, i turned religious, got married, and now have 4 kids.

i now tend to appreciate the little things in life and off course the most important thing which is the wellbieng of my family.

I do love making money, and i do plan on making money, i just don't do it for proving myself to myself, or to others. i don't seek confirmation (not saying that you do, its just me)

It might be less motivating to grind that way, but i am not changing back my perspective (even if possible) for the sake of money.


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Apr 1, 2013
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I was 15, 2 months old , run a stall .((still a winner ,))

i am 47 now.

my first real money washing cars at 13.

still going hard .(( online to easy))


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Apr 19, 2016
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Since my 11th or something. It evolved over time I think. Still have that insane drive but with bigger and better visions :)

Luca Jones

Oct 19, 2016
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I think I was very young (about 13/14 or something) when I wanted to work for myself and I also wanted to help out my family who was in need of money. I always used to see my dad get treated badly (or hear from him) and how they never really respected him at work, so I started hating on bosses and wanted to be my own boss and try to help them out.

So, I used to download lots of programs and sign up for "Game tester jobs" to earn some money at that age, I did not make anything though. I also used to download "Play to earn" sites where you play games and earn money. I never did a cent with all that but I always had a keen interest on working on my computer. Everybody used to tell me to just stop dreaming anyway because I used to tell people I want to earn money from home because I thought it was possible, but everybody just laughed off and told me to "stop living in the clouds". So, I gave up and I had to find a job at a young age to support myself.

I stopped for a while doing online stuff and then after I was desperate as hell I went again to research on how to make money online and things moved on from there. I remember when I finally made my first 5$ or so and got very happy about it. I remember I made 50$ in total and I went happily to tell my mom about it. I told her that I made money online finally, she was happy and asked how much. I told her I made 50$. She kinds of laugh-grin, and told me "What are you going to do with that 50$? It's not that much money" and it kind of hurt bad but I thank her for telling me that because It got me motivated to do more. This motivated me to prove everybody wrong and I started working hard.

Today even though I am not fully there and still working towards my goals, I do make online income and I don't tell anyone about it in real life (only a few of family members know) but nobody knows how much I earn. If my mom or someone else in the family asks me how much money I make online in real life - I just say "50$" or so a month :)

So basically I had this interest from when I was about 13 years old and started really at about 17 or 18 years old - not really sure, something like that.


Aug 26, 2012
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2017, I was killing it around $600-700 per day on autopilot. It was just for 40-45 days