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    Hey guys.

    I need someone to take a look at my site and tell me if they can fix a few issues.

    I have lost faith with my designer and am trying to work out whether to patch the site up or redesign.

    PM me for the site, but I'll give a few details here. It's a travel site and it's the booking engine side of things thats not good enough currently. I need a engine to handle tour, car rental and accommodation bookings. These have different commission rates as well as different rate periods and date ranges.

    I'm no coder, but I don't think this is a beginners job, so unless you're pretty skilled this probably isn't for you, however if you think you're up for it send me a PM and I'll give you the site to have a look at. (Thats also why I'm posting here and not somewhere like freelancer or odesk.)
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