Aspergers/Non Verbal Learning disorder diagnosis. Strategies? Anyone else?

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    Just last week I got the results from a Neuropsychological Evaluation and was diagnosed with a Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. I had self diagnosed myself and believed it to be Asperger's. The two are very very closely related. I was wondering if anyone else here has or has been diagnosed with the same thing. It's always been extremely difficult for me to get new concepts and complicated ideas to flow right in my head. I have to learn by writing everything down in notebooks and then putting it all into action again and again. But once it's off to the races. It just takes effort and time, which is the only way I know to do anything that requires intensive learning.

    I'd like to know if anyone here has the same situation and how if they can share some strategies on how they "learned to learn". If that makes any sense. Me I have several notebooks for each subject (Wordpress, Keyword, etc..) that I write usually what I see written in posts or hear in recordings. Key concepts in bullet-points and then put into action in a 1-2-3 method. Different colored high-lighters. Charts and graphs really aren't much help at all. It's a tried and true process that works for me. But I'm very very open to new ideas that work for others.

    I'd really appreciate any new types of applications to make the process of "getting it to stick in my brain" that others have discovered.


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    I find mind-maps to be a great help. I like them because they really help me organize my thoughts in a nice visual way and I can do them in a notebook or on the computer. For example:;300;319

    Here is an article that provides a list of mind mapping software courtesy of Wiz in this thread ( :
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