c# developer (5+ years experience) long term

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    For my development team I am searching for an additional developer. We work with C# only (sorry is not interesting).
    This is a long-term position. Only apply, when you work fast (slow devs that must query every third method in Google will get fired extreme fast). You can work up to 40 hours per week. So just place your lowest possible bid for fulltime.
    Requirements, if you want to apply (must match all):
    - 5+ years of experience in C# & ASP.NET developement // This means you are fast and your quality of code is at least good
    - experience in the latest .net version 4.5.1 and Visual Studio 2013
    - willing to work in a development team
    - usage of work monitoring tools (ongoing screenshots, etc.)
    - can speak and communicate over Skype (not only text chat)
    - Can work on GMT+1 between 8am and 7pm
    Only apply if you meet 100% of these requirements.

    If you have any of these additional skills, then please mention that in your application: Responsive Webdesign, Scrum, Sql Server 2012, JavaScript APIs like jQuery, Telerik, etc.
    We work Scrum based, so it would be good if you would at least know, what is a Sprint.

    Important: Apply with PM or reply to this thread (as you like), but include your hourly rate and skill-profile and some contact method (email, skype, etc).