aSmallWorld .net, suggest me your marketing strategies to cash-in as member

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    I would like to hear your opinion about the ways to exploit from the blackhat, internet marketing perspective, working from inside as member or group of members. Anyone who knows this website, its audience and its rules of course is welcome to post comments and replies. Please don't give generic responses if you don't have at least a general acquaintance with the way it works (supposedly elite members, mostly Euro-American, invitation only, intolerant of spam, much geared to luxury, travels, real estate as topics, etc)

    So , let's assume you're a respected member of , in an industry that may be Electronics or Multimedia or Arts or engineering, something intellectual and technological requiring professional and academic expertise. The specific field doesn't matter. In this example the member has a fair amount of quality contacts and even some endorsements. Other respectable members may, too, help in a marketing tactic if asked. Which way would you use this website to cash in, make money, reap profits etc?

    Thank you for all useful comments
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