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    Checking the map now...
    O.K., I can say I will be short, but I can only try as I want to get the concepts across to all the noobs asking for an idea to "pull it all together" and start making something... or get the actual 1st or 2nd idea going and actually do it (because it grows into more stuff).

    VIDEO IS HOT!!! - And it will be for some time... and while many (once) niches seem to be saturated, they are not, or at least not in video - and now with universal search and such with the engines posting related videos - it's a no brainer. Can you do a video?

    In your home find 3-6 products that you use and pay for or would. Now I go online and find my affiliate programs that push those "exact" products, because we are going to do a video commercial on that product... this is easy - you use it, you know why - others buy it too...

    I am choosing something extremely obscure just to explain; I am choosing an "old" Gumby toy, a pancake flipper, and baby diapers.

    Now I create one (or six) little 40-100 second video clips using or praising, or mocking or humoring the product I chose. As you know the funnier, or sexier, or smarter the clip, the more chances of popularity (or possibly even one goes viral, heaven-forbid)

    I have my page (any url, my videos, my affiliate links and my testimonials or whatever else makes it professional - this is the "Gumby" landing page, and you have a pampers page, and I have my World's Greatest Pancake Flipper Ever! - I show you here! - with it's own landing page.

    I keyword code and link and watermark all my videos (let's not forget the fun we have creating them) The web page too - same keywords and content.

    Make them worth watching! Not the quality of the video as much as the idea of a cadbury gorilla wanting chocolate while doing the drums to Phil Collins... get it? Make it unique in some way, every one of them (go to the BH YouTube section for more marketing) get them all up and reviewed and linked to your pages. These videos will rank for your keywords - very few if any other people have a video for this pancake flipper, etc.

    My Gumby page covers all the benefits of having this Gumby and even getting his friends like Pokey all from your affiliate link below (special price, etc.). Ad a little Adsense and a reason for this buyer to look at your other videos (I mean products, snicker) and you WILL SELL PRODUCT!!! Others will link to your videos too if they're good.

    I don't care if you choose the deodorant in your medicine cabinet, you can sell it online!!! It's all in the spin... in this case - your video... the best for me are ones that "mock" an original commercial or product, person, etc., without breaking trademark or anything like that...

    That's it.

    Were you seeking some light bulb that has not gone off?

    Start at the beginning - Find the products... because you use them you can create the original content, video, testimonials, etc... Now you need to build that video traffic and more products before everyone else does... how many video commercials can you make this month? Even if it is ONE video, get started... you have the concept.

    Not so into "asking" for Thanks or Rep, but if you visit any one of my sites, you could thank with one $click.

    This may belong under "Making Money"...sorry
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    Nice clear explanation for noobs how to do video marketing, thanks!
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    Yeah thanks for this