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    All my life I've been lifting eights, not cause curls get the girls but because I wanted to excel in the sport I love: Football. I managed to do everything right an one day, after a lot of hard work, I was able to walk on to a Division 1 football team. This was last August, since then I have been ripped from the sport I love thanks to four older guys that decided to jump a freshman leaving me a pretty severe concussion. For 6 months, I had been on and off in the gym going only when I felt good enough, but now I am feeling better and stronger everyday and for the past month and a half I have been going consistently. I am surprised at how fast my body is catching up, after all I did gain 30 pounds. Anyways, I am now up to the point where I am up to my old standard and even breaking PRs, so I want to keep myself motivated. I like helping people out so ask away, any questions you have I can answer... if I can't i'll admit it and I will look for your answer and provide the source.
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