ASK ME and RECEIVE: Link Scraping Tips for GSA SER Using Hrefer, Gscraper, Scrapebox

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Vincent Black, Jul 6, 2014.

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    Ok, so you got a VPS loaded with tools.
    It can be overwhelming.

    How do you leverage the power of GSA SER by scraping your own links?
    Dig deep with your scraping tools.

    1) Copy the footprints you want from the engines folder in GSA SER.
    2) Use notepad++ . Replace the | signs with \n . This makes a new line instead of the | (pipe) sign.
    3) Export your checked proxies from GSA SER. Import them into Gsraper. Gscraper is free to use and will collect up to 100k links in the free version.
    4) Remove duplicate domains in Gscraper. Export your list.
    5) Import target URLs to your GSA SER project

    The default footprints are really not the best. Use footprint factory is you have it and generate more.
    Alternatively, open your verified GSA SER links and look for patterns. Need help finding new footprints? Message me.

    You can also scrape with Hrefer and Scrapebox. Gscraper is much faster IMO.
    Ask your questions in this thread and I'll do my best to solve your issue.

    *** Vicent cares about you!
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    If you are so big expert and make tons of money, then why aren't you a Donor
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    No need to be really. This is decent advice. I go a lot deeper than this with my method, but for starters this is excellent advice and probably a fair bit more than many others use.

    Footprint Factory is a decent tool, I use some of the features of OutwitHub though - which is a KILLER scraper once you learn it's nuances. Even so it's the testing of the sites to make sure they are AA (auto approve) and you get the platform right etc, that takes time
    Well done OP. Being a donor isn't for everyone no matter how wealthy or connected they are.

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    Have you tried the footprint studio in GSA SER? It seems to work quite well, as a tool goes.

    Also by way of note it seems easier, and quicker to me to get the footprints out of the GSA SER GUI, rather then going into the footprint folder. By that I mean going to options >> advanced >> tools >> search online for Urls. Then click add predefined footprints.

    Then just choose your footprint from the menus and it drops those engines into the footprint box. Copy and paste to your scraper of choice (I like scrapebox, its not the fastest, but I believe the most powerful, you can use the custom scraper and scrape from over 20 engines right out of the box) and scrape.

    Also once you have links built to a project, you can go to that same tools menu I just mentioned and choose Parse verified Urls (others linking on the same URL) and then choose your project and let it go. Being sure to save it to file. Once its done right click on your project and import target urls and choose that file.

    What that does is it loads all the pages that have verified links, grabs all the outbound links, then scans each of them to see if it can build a link on them. It will sort by identified and not and save the identified to file. Thats what your loading back into target urls. Depending on the platforms of your current verified urls this may work great or only so-so. But it will get links and its easy and runs while you scrape and while GSA runs, so I don't see a reason to not use it, unless your low on resources.

    I also figure you might as well pick a couple of engines in GSA, that way if your project runs out of target urls that you scrape manually and with the Parse verified urls tool, it will be searching engines for targets, so its working 24/7 for max efficiency.

    Just tossing out a few random thoughts.