[ASK] How would you market a FICTION ebook (a novel) as an IMer?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by drnobrain, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Hi all BHWers,

    I've got this very tough question: How would you market a FICTION ebook (a novel, to be more exact)? I've got a client who's literally spitting out fairly good novels, and I was wondering, how can we make money out of it?

    Maybe it would be a good idea for making money for you, too.

    The first thing came to my mind is buying the domain with the name of the writer. It's done. Making a cool squeeze page, where the bribe is the first hundred page of the novel. That's ok. That's the next step.

    But what articles to write on the other parts of the website? Or how and where to market it? It would be no problem for me if it was a non-fiction one. :)

    Please help me brainstorming, since:

    1. It's not English, so if you get some ideas of brainstorming here, then
    2. You can make a nice sum of money, too, I think, because it's everything but NOT saturated right now even on the English speaking market :)

    So, any ideas are welcome!
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    Social networks is a definite must I would say. Start a facebook fanpage. Get him to invite all his friends - hopefully they will support him and invite their friends etc. A few days ago I saw a facebook advert for a new novel being released by some author from my area. People are more likely to support you if you are local.

    Forums are another place. I'm sure there are plenty of forums out there for amature authors to share their work - start hitting those up.

    What kind of fiction is it? Look for places where groups of people that are into that genre go to discuss and suggest books they have read. Rather than be the author, be a reader and "HIGHLY RECOMMEND" this book to others.

    Give out free copies to members of a book club - try to build hype. Word of mouth will spread fast if it is actually a quality book.

    Just a few ideas. I really can't stress how important word of mouth is when it comes to marketing a novel.

    Anyway, hope this helps a bit.
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    You could also ask some (independent) magazines/fanzines/local newspapers as well as website/blog owners who are into this specific niche to write a story or a review about the book and/or the author. If the author is born in a smaller town you have good chances that he gets an article in the local newspaper of his town. Other than that you need to use social media, maybe a youtube channel where you can put interviews or where he does a reading or such kind of stuff.
    By the way, what kind of genre does he write and which language?
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    I've worked in the industries of publishing/advertising/commercial marketing for a number of years and would definently tell you to marketing these things specifically as follows:

    1. Register an account with lulu.com and get the books submitted for print on demand services. They give you links, print, ship, the whole nine yards, giving you the difference of the profits after the cost of production.

    Do this as well as pdf/virtual books, as novel readers like to have the real pages to be turned...it is just part of the whole experience to some.

    That automates the process for pdfs/virtuals as well as real world print production.

    2. Post 10-20 page snippets online in pdfs, read in podcasts, pdf format, etc., all over the web, to itunes, ( free ), and any other place you can promote it.

    This is where social media would fall into play as well; facebook, twitter. Profile and promote this person and their products - THROUGH YOUR COMPANY PROFILE, as well as their own. You have to work as their publisher and get a site, profile built to market it as a ' published product '.

    This also shows proof of the product that people can see and check out for their personal reading interest...give these samples away for free. You can capture an email address for them, etc. For that specific technique, I would up it to a full sample chapter, for quality control of making the offer worth giving up an email.

    3. Constantly update the content, promoting what new works are coming in the future from the author, what the author is doing, etc. You can track that in a blog. Keep the author and the product in the public eye as MUCH as possible.

    4. PAY OUT OF POCKET TO PRINT UPFRONT PROMO COPIES to send to Amazon, ebay , and offline book chains and critics, to promote and build up to moving into real levels of cost affordable printing production, instead of small, more expensive options like lulu.

    5. Translate the books into multiple languages. People are used to the ' global scale ' of the internet and not doing something as simple as that would ruin your business in manay markets. You can translate and edit those things for free with a good translator script and then proofing a couple of pages to make sure it reads the same, not making it sound akward or mispoken.

    6. Sign your author up with book clubs, reader groups, etc....as they all follow each other tightly. These groups give instant feedback and following, as well as word of mouth promotion if the product is good and worth it to them.

    Hope this helps you get started.

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    Is there a place that accepts short stories? What if he was to submit to such a place and in his bio advertise the novel?
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    Translate it to English, and publish it on https://www.createspace.com, which belongs to Amazon. They take care of everything; printing, publishing, marketing, sales, and shipping. Amazon will market it for you. It is a real paperback book on Amazon, and it is true passive income. What could be better?

    There is a bit of a learning curve to get a book up on Createspace, but if your book is good, it's worth doing. I get a handy little payment from them every month for my credit repair book, which I published there and also sell from my own domain.

    Your title (think headline) and your cover are just as important on Amazon as they are when you're trying to market from your own domain.

    * They have a minimum number of pages requirement, which should be no problem for any book.
    * They give your book it's own isbn, which is important in the publishing world, and protects copyright.
    * It's best to publish in one of the sizes close to 6" x 9"
    * You have to allow fairly large margins, especially on the left, because of the binding.
    * They have their own cover maker which you should use.
    * Do your own graphics and upload to one of their covers. Note: there are options for your own graphics on most of their covers, which are easy to miss.
    * You should also have information about yourself for the back cover.
    * Price your book competitively with other books in your niche. Here's a strange one: I priced my book at $19.95, which gives me a little less than $10 per book, even though Amazon sells it for $15.56, I still get the same $9.61 per book.
    * When your book begins to sell regularly, upgrade to the pro option so you will have wider distribution and get a better percentage.
    * You can also put your book on Kindle, which recently upgraded their payment percentage to authors.

    NOTE: Unless Amazon has changed things, DO NOT take down your book for editing after it begins to sell. I lost my good position last winter, by doing that. It would be better to give your book a new title and spin the content. Or, better yet, just move on to another book.

    Their marketing is great. You do have an idea about how many "buyers" go to Amazon, don't you? Their traffic is enormous.

    They give neat previews of the book, including sampling some pages. You can take a look at how they set up my book, "The Black Book of Credit Repair And Dealing With Debt Collectors". Just go to Amazon and search for credit repair under books. My book is on page 2, in position number 18. I used one of their book templates and my own graphics. You can also see random pages in the book.
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    Ok, guys, you really bombarded me with tons of valuable information,
    now I really have some idea how to start.

    My only problem is that I'm still on a fairly low budget, but now I know how to start and scale it up.

    AND I recommend this helpful source to ANYONE reading this thread, and wanna make some money!

    Thanks once again for everyone,

    new ideas are still welcomed,

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