[ASK] How to Promote the White hat Way

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by twisted_one, Dec 3, 2010.

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    I have two niche sites. Just done with their design, adsense placement and everything else couple of months back. One site is 1 month old and it is already in Google's First Page 7th Place for the keyword which is exactly the same as my domain name. I am having no problem with this site because it gets the traffic and adsense clicks gradually from the Search Engine.

    The other site which is two months old, I am doing all that I can - Building backlinks (Blog Commenting & Social Bookmarking - all manually by myself), Writing Keyword Rich Unique Content (I write fresh articles myself or rewrite an existing article in a unique way). New posts are getting indexed quicker but the problem is its nowhere in the SE search results (Checked Yahoo, Google, Bing). Infact, the number of backlinks of this site is greater than the previous one that is ranking in 1st page of Google already.

    I need some help on what possible could I be doing wrong and what more can I do to improve my rankings and visibility. I do not want to buy any traffic. Please advice.

    PS: I am doing the same kind of treatment for both the sites and I have no clue why they behave in their own way!
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    So I guess you have learned that G puts tons of weight on the keywords in the domain name. For competitive searches it takes 100 times more work if your domain does not contain a related key phrase.

    My advice is if you want SERP traffic find a better domain name, move your site there and 301 your old site to it.