[ASK] How to promote movie niche ?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Cruz180, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Hello !

    I've got site on wordpress with script that generate me more then 5k posts with movies. I already installed it with a .com domain. Google indexed it. Now my question is. How to promote it ? Where should I hit to get traffic. Youtube, facebook... or maybe some blackhat but I don't know which tool is now the most powerfull. I thought to install some kind of like and share jacker script to facebook. I have one account with 5k friends so I can use it. What do you think about it ?

    thx for answers
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    May 9, 2012
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    You can mix traffic from Youtube and facebook first to generate quick traffic and make some bucks, then reinvest in seo for long term income.
    You can create easily 2-3 vids by days, and promote your facebook page by commenting other group/page, adding friends... You will see quick result !
    Good luck !
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    Use Youtube,
    Create some videos with pictures of Your movies, and give the link in the description to Your movies site, add some cool views, likes, comments too <- They will help a lot to You.
    You can use FB for traffic to, it's easy to create some fan pages.
    You can use yahoo answers, like find questions "Where to see blablabla", and You comment with Your movie's site.
    The Internet is full of ideas, just use Your own head and work hard! CHEERS
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    Basically, promote it any way you want to.
    I would start with these:
    -Video sharing sites (the most easiest one but videos use to get flagged frequently)
    -Social networks (let users spread the link by forcing them to like the site etc.)
    -Forums (signature/posts)
    -Yahoo answers (a good way to get targeted traffic)

    It is still possible to make money with a movie site but it is not as easy as it was before (a year ago).
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    best free method is

    youtube < add thumbail of the movie or add 5-10 slides (hd) and make video (example : Jack the jaint killer 2013 HD Part 1 :) make 10-20 videos upload and in landing page use content lock

    long time income is
    seo :< learn seo and booost ur page on #1 google that sit
    good luck