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    @Mods - was not sure of the correct place to post so posted here. Please move if incorrect. Thanks

    I have seen the tool http://socialemailextractor.com/ offered here in the forum as a monthly subscription.

    I want to use it but also would like to know of the best tool to be able to submit emails out without paying heavy for it.

    If I go for tool like mailchimp autoresponder that lets you add in email addresses then above the free 2000 email address I would have to pay.

    A tool like social mail extractor can get a lot of emails thus which is the best tool to be able to send out emails in html format to this list.

    Some of the things I am thinking about is a) reliability of the server to submit 10,000+ email address. b) simplicity to use [want to send html and text emails]. c) tracking for opening emails and tracking for clicks on links to landing page.