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ArticleRanks Launches, Free Unique Content and Free Natural Backlinks **BlackHat DEAL**

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by digitalworldz, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. digitalworldz

    digitalworldz Regular Member

    Jul 26, 2008
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    After months of development and months of closed Beta testing, we are delighted to announce the launch of Articleranks.com in public Beta.

    The site basically has two main functions the first allows Webmasters to feed in unique free content to their site. The second is more targetted towards article marketers and SEOs.

    All of the major search engines love content, this is a proven fact and one of the best ways to actually get visitors to your site is via articles. Not only do they give you great click throughs, they also increase brand exposure and more importantly if done correctly it is one of the best methods to increase search positions.

    But the thing is for so long people have been writing great content and having nowhere to submit it too except article directories which are off topic and full of spam.

    ArticleRanks is set to revolutionise all of this by allowing people to actually submit their articles on REAL blogs and sites that people read. The best thing about it all is that you get great clickthroughs and you are getting links that the search engines will love why? I can tell you EXACTLY why, you are creating useful content which is then distributed to real webmasters that want to receive it. This is the end of approaching webmaster asking them if they would like to host your article.

    Just imagine writing an article and getting it automatically drip fed into a huge numbers of top ranked blogs on different IPs, even better, each article will be unique in its own right with a link back to your site. Your rankings are simply going to shoot through the roof.

    The service is absolutley FREE to use, but there is also a monthly plan and the option to buy credits. The site also has the following functions:

    The newest and most powerful form of article marketing.
    Increase rankings within a month.
    Submit unique articles to a huge network of user submitted sites and increase your search positions with ontopic powerful backlinks.
    Earn credits to submit articles and gain links by adding sites to the system or pay a small monthly fee.
    Spin your articles manually or with our content assister.
    Rank your YouTube videos.
    Compatible with any site that has XML-RPC.
    Choose to target a specific geographic search engine.
    Get links on a huge range of different IP classes
    Safe and Secure system, your links will be on users sites the most poweful form of link building the natural way that search engines love. Users want your unique content and in exchange give you backlinks that are ontopic.
    Network is heavily regulated and ever growing and spam sites are not allowed.
    Become an affiliate and earn monthly recurring commisions.
    Plus much much more

    As a gift for all the Blackhat members, please enter this coupon when signing up 5186e8988585703797cba7173b1a2dca This will give you free credits in your account that you can use for publishing.

    Remember there are three ways that you can gain access to publishing articles and getting themed links.

    1) The FREE way. Add your sites to the system and earn credits for each article that gets published on your site, which can then be exhanged to allow you to publish articles.

    2) Buy individual credits, this is great if you are only planning to use the system say once a month

    3) Upgrade your account to monthly subscription, pay a small fee and have unlimited publishing access.

    P.S. The system is still in Beta and may have a few glitches therefore it would be great if you could use the form on the site to report any.