Article Writing/Rewriting Services-100% original articles-2$ Review copies available

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Just ordered 33 articles from Ankur, and another batch of 13 articles on a weekly basis.
I have read nothing but great comments about Ankur's work, so I'm looking forward to contribute to that as well.

THanks to Ankur..My first article gets indexed in ezine articles..And I got this article from ankur only.. ************************/y9ahr9g
I'm interested in ordering 50 articles with 400-500 words, if the service is good and well written then I would continue ordering 20 articles every week. Please PM me and quote me a price.
Just placed another order for 5 articles. This is one of my favorite services here at BHW. Ankur is great to work with. Fully recommended.
Ankur, I send you 14 article request to your email ankur420420(at)
Send paypal to [email protected]?

You said, there is special discount for bulk order, for how many articles?
I'm waiting your response in email. Please reply it.

Hi Ankur

Here is my Transaction ID #7PG3013385416084P for 14 original articles (cost $56). Sent you the details to your gmail. Please follow up.

Hi Ankur,

Placed order fpr 800-1000 words article. Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #4CB41830B0899352G)
Please let me know how much time it will take.

Hey Ankur,

Just put in an order for 20 original 400-500 original articles. Hopefully you're people have time and are able to deal with the various aspects of indie filmmaking.


Hey Ankur,

Hopefully last PM made sense. I pasted in the other e-mail you had sent with bulk rate for all the articles. Let me know and I can put the order through now.
Payment all sent for the 20 articles. Fire away!

Payment details

Transaction Date: Feb 16, 2010
Transaction ID: 70H18554CR497343X
Just ordered for 4 articles my first order with " ankur420420 ", and payment done looking forward for articles in my mail in few days, hope to see long term business if everything works out.

I just ordered from ankur guys. - I'll let you guys posted on the quality of his work. But judging from other BHW responses, it should just be as great as it is. Cheers.
The articles take a bit longer is what I'm seeing. I sent in my payment 3 days ago for 20 original 300-500 articles and haven't gotten anything either.

I sent in yesterday for 1500 PR Directory Backlinks and those were done almost instantaneously along with 200 Social Bookmarkers to see how good he did. I'd rather have the articles done right than rushed out like many do just jam packed with the keywords all over not making any sense.

If not even one article pops in today or tomorrow, then I'd be somewhat concerned, but everyone on here seems to be quite happy with their writing.
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