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    So, what I'm seeing is a lot of bland articles with titles that are a dead clue as to why you have absolutely no traffic coming to that article. I see a lot of new people struggling and a lot of people asking "how do you write good articles, how do I write articles that do successfully"? Well, these are common questions with simple answers.

    Welcome to Article Writing 101

    So you're a complete newbie or just completely lost when it comes to writing great quality articles huh? It's ok, every one had to start somewhere and when I first started I have written some of the most retarded articles you've ever seen in your life.

    Hopefully I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made and just give you some tips and pointers on how to write some good well ranking and successful articles.


    First and foremost, I'd like to discuss the title of your article, because this (on most websites) is the very first thing people are going to see. I don't care how professional your article was written or what's in the body, if nobody clicks on it to view it, it doesn't mean shit.

    You need something eye catching and I would not say to be afraid to be a little controversial with your title. I see people writing articles every day with titles such as:

    "Make Money Online"
    "Learn To Cook Eggs"
    "How To Lose Weight"

    BOOOORING! Sure, they might get some views here and there, but they're going to be skimmed over most likely and be dead weight in terms of search engine ranking and traffic.

    Let's try something more along the lines of:

    "Learn How Anyone Can Make Money Online With Free Paid Survey Sites"
    "How You Can Learn To Cook Eggs In Just 5 Minutes"
    "Learn How To Lose Weight While Eating Pizza!"

    Of course, these are not real articles I'm pinpointing but the point is that you have got to be original with these titles. These are not titles I have found, but it's just an example of titles that are much more detailed and better than regular bland titles.

    Now, I'd like to go into keyword talk. While your article should be based on one main keyword, it should ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS be included into the Title. Long tail keywords work best but if you're trying to rank well for a more competitive keyword, just remember to include it into the article. Try to put a spin in front of it such as "how you can" or "learn how to" or etc. People love how to and top 10 lists.

    So in summary, the title works best as a title where you can fill as much as possible with your main keyword in the title. Make it as long and as detailed as possible to grab attention.

    Also: Don't forget, make sure every word is capitalized (The beginning letter) when typing out your title. Don't go ape shit and type a title like this.

    Sample Article Title <---- Right


    Not every website or article directory you'll submit to has them, but for some websites you are required to submit a summary. So you've got the reader hooked and maybe they want to know what your article is about or a brief summary.

    If you give the entire article away here, such as the beginning/middle/end well then they have absolutely no reason to read your article and this is going to drive away a lot of readers. Your goal is to tease them with an enticing title and a summary that gives a base idea of your article but doesn't give them anything, if you understand what I'm saying.

    Such as, if the title of your article was: "The Top 10 Reasons You Will Never Make Money Online"

    Would you rather read something bland such as:
    "In this article, I've listed the 10 reasons you will never make money online"

    I see a lot of people who do this.. instead of something enticing, they just tell you what the title says.. well no kidding, they can read the title, that's what drew their attention to the summary most likely. Or would you rather read an article that says:

    "You will most likely be in the 99.9% of people who never make a dime online. Learn how to avoid the mistakes the rest of the crowd made and read this article!"

    Be as descriptive as possible but give them something to go on. I've told them what the article was about in the summary and I told them to read the article if they want to know more. People are sheep.. people will believe what you tell them. They need to be lead around and their hands need to be held. I know it sounds rude to say, but people are just idiots.. if they're not told exactly what to do, they will chase just hurt themselves in confusion.


    This is where most people have trouble. Why? They're very many possible reasons here.. I will list a few of them.

    - When starting your article, I like to set my articles up as a 3.5 essay paragraph sort of. I will give a short explanation of the problem in the beginning and give (or hint to) solutions in the beginning and that's where I would end the first paragraph. It is fine in some occassions to just jump right into the article with "The reason for..." but don't you think you'd like to keep them reading a bit? If you give every thing away at the beginning of the article, why would they need to keep reading?

    - Keep your articles detailed but short. Depending on your niche, no one wants to read through a 2,000 word article.. while some people might, that definitely doesn't appeal to the masses of readers. Try to keep your articles between 350-600 words. I have always found that 450 words worked best for me, and it doesn't take me that long to write them.

    - Paragraph often. Do you think anyone wants to read a giant wall of text? Honestly, we're going to forget what you learned in basic English and instead of paragraphing every 5 sentences, try doing it every 3. Why? It's a lot easier to read and the easier it is to read, the more chance they'll get to the best part of your article. You can get away with 5, but try to paragraph often because a giant wall of text is quite annoying.

    - Depending on the length of your article, try to include your main keyword once in the beginning and once in the end. Depending on the keyword, the niche, your word count and all sorts of other things, there is no 100% positive answer as to how many times you should include your keyword inside the body.

    I know many other people will tell you to keep a certain keyword density % but I honestly think those people are looking way too far into it. On a typical 450 word article, it's best to include your keyword once in the beginning of your article and once in the end.

    - When closing off, finishing your article, give another summary of what your article was about, what the problems were, and what the solutions were.

    - REMEMBER! Your objective here is not to solve a problem.. your objective in an article body is to post relative information on possible solutions but NEVER to give away the solution or to actually solve the problem. This is what the website you're promoting is for, unless you are just putting your time into writing articles for the good of human kind and you sincerely want to solve problems but I'm assuming this is not the case.


    I have to tell you, I have seen some pretty laugh out loud signatures and I've seen some that make you stop and think.

    If your click thru rate from your article to your live link sucks, well then.. this is where your problem lies.

    Boring Signatures:
    "You can learn how to make money online for free at xxxxxx"
    "You can see how other people have lose a lot of weight at xxxxx"

    Fun Signatures:
    "How Come My 15 Year Old Son Can Make Money Online And You Can't?"
    "Hey Tubby, Being Fat Sucks.. So Do Something About It"

    Now that last one might be just a little insulting, but I am telling you.. people need to be lead like little sheep or they'll never know how to cure their own problem. It's human nature.. we want someone to hold our hand for us and guide us through our problems and this is why internet marketing is so popular and has exploded since the internet started exploding.

    Remember to capitalize the first letter of every word when writing the signature and try to include your main keyword as the link.

    Some Tips/Tricks

    These are just some tips/tricks for you to test out, while some may improve the performance of your articles, some may not.

    - When coming to the end of your article, instead of finishing the article why not continue it and leave off in the signature? Basically, finishing the article in the signature, it could be a nice CTR booster.

    - Using bulletin points and top 10 lists converts very well. People love reading them, since they're easy to read and informative.

    - Insulting people when they're desperately looking for an online solution to their problem will NOT hurt your business. Trust me, if people believe what you're writing, insulting them can only help and sometimes, it's what people need to realize that you might be right and might be their cure.

    - Fear is your friend. I'm sure you've all known someone who was scared into doing something. Let's say you're a car salesman and you see a family looking for a new vehicle.. now while they would probably be safe in any vehicle, your job is to make them believe, they won't be really safe unless they get that expensive family van.

    Remember, you can actually scare people into buying a product. You have to make people genuinely believe that no other product will work for them, and that their hope dangles on your product. For example, they will be broke forever and struggling unless they buy your make money product, or they will always have belly fat and be unattractive to the opposite sex unless they buy your fat burning product, etc. You have the idea right? I know it sounds stupid, but for some reason fear can talk people into purchasing things.

    That's it class. Those are some basic pointers/tips and how to information on writing good/clean/successful articles. I hope that answers some people's questions and if you have any more, feel free to ask.
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    You hit the nail on the head about the wall of text. It's so annoying. 3 sentence paragraphs are definitely easier to read and digest.:approve:
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    Yeah it's funny because ever since I started writing like that, now I do it all the time. I'll only type 2-3 sentences (depending on how long they are) and move to a new paragraph. When you type enough articles, you start typing to people like you do in articles.

    When I first started writing them, my articles were just two big paragraphs and it was annoying to read even for me. I don't mind them any more, I can write them all day.
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    Thanks to the OP for the info. Im still learning lol:biggthump
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    Good advice, thank you:)
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    The signature advice is gold. Admittedly, I "use to" use the boring signatures that you mentioned... Not any more!
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    You have really given great advice. This info is great for newbie and average copywriters.
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    Great info on this topic. I am going to apply this toward re writes.

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    great info thanks going to start applying these ideas to my niche sites as well.