Article tools such as this...? Where to get? Anyone?

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    I know articles scrapers can scrape a lot of articles based on keywords and I am not talking about spinner coz they just spin the thing and you'll mostly have to re-do a portion of it anyway, but what i want is something where i just put in my main keyword + related keywords and it'll automatically create the articles for me. Auto scraped the articles, then meshed it up with all my input kws into a readable, sensible article and of course, Copyscape passed.
    Where can I get a tool/software like that (free will always be better...:p).

    So far, the only tool i know is - human writer.
    And they are not cheap. I don't want to spend few bucks per article coz if i have like 10-20 at 1
    Quite a sum for me in the log-run + some u even need to re-do abit on your own.

    U know something like a human writer efficiency but minus the long-term cost. {won't we all like that:eek:}
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