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    So many questions... time for another one:

    Do you guys post same kind of articles to article sites (Ezine) and web 2.0 properties? I always thought that the articles going to article sites should be long and informative and web 2.0 articles should be short reviewish texts.

    So, how is it?
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    The minimum article length for Ezine articles is 250 words. I would suggest that you stcik to between 250 and 300 words maximum. The resource box isn't supposed to be more that 15% of the word count for the article. i.e. 300 word article/45 word resource box. Use the resource box as a continuation of the article to make about 350 words alltogether. thats plenty long enough to give em a taste of what will come when they click your link. Don't tell em too much..

    Web 2 articles i usually make between 250/ 400 words.. again short sharp and too the point. Tell em too much and why would they use your link.. you've already told em what you have to say.

    Hope that helps mate..
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