Article Scrape or Write Your Own?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by directaxcess, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    Would you recommend writing your own article or scraping off other websites, spin and blast? I've heard writing your own article is best, putting those articles to your first tier links, and than spinning those to about 75%+ uniqueness and blasting them to your second tier profiles? Obviously setting up an open link wheel while you do that...
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    Mar 26, 2010
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    Content can be tricky. IMO, it all depends on where you are going to use the
    content - main site.... well what type of main site is it, tier 1 links.... what sort
    of links.... press releases, article directories, feeder sites, blog networks, etc.

    You are heading in the right direction, I believe. From my understanding for
    a higher quality main site you would want to use well written content (hand
    written) and unique to help with SEO, conversions, etc.
    Then for backlinking your margin for error is higher and more types of content will work fine.
    I think it was napster (here at BHW) that had the "unique linkpush" idea,
    which is basically scraped articles or PLR articles spun
    but 1 for each "property" for the tier links. So if you have 15 tier 1 links
    then you'd want to have 15 different articles and spin/rewrite each of those
    and post 1 to each "property".

    If you're using Senuke X or SEO Link Robot or Linkpush they all have article
    scrapers/rewriters built into them to create decent content that is fairly unique for
    your backlinks! Still here though if the main site is really new or very important
    I prefer to be more careful with the tier 1 "properties" and use hand written
    content for them as well, and then lower quality content for all other uses.

    Now on "autoblog" type sites, MFA sites, and other lower quality sites I have
    used PLR content and all sorts of content with very good results as long as
    other things are in check.

    So basically highest quality on your sites and tier 1 links, and then lower quality
    as you extend out the linking. Once your site get's some age and authority
    then even lower quality content works fine and on the 1st tier (from what I
    have found anyway)

    Hope that helps bud

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    Writing yourself is the best think you can do. There is no better way. Maybe you could read some articles written by others but only to get some ideas. Be original!
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    Writing your own article is much better, scraped content doesn't give you the satisfaction. If you must use some content from other articles make sure that you use it only as a source of motivation or inspiration so that you can still give your gray cells a whir and come up with something in your own hand.