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    How complex are Google's duplicate content filters?

    My idea was to take an article, completely rewrite it by hand 2 or 3 more times saying the same thing in different words, and then use article rewriting software (spinner) to randomly put one of each of the paragraphs in the appropriate spot while spinning the words within them at the same time.

    That way, the article is spun really good. I've actually done it and it says the article is spun 100%. Whatever the case may be, it should be a challenge for the filters to spot. My concern is that when I generate over 200-300 articles, I don't think they can all possibly be 100% different from each other. But if I can maintain a 35% difference between them then I will have the majority of them count as originals which will help my page rank. Well, that's the theory anyways...

    Do you guys think that will work to dodge the filters and get credit for a bunch of original articles?