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    Question about article marketing, i don't know too much about it.

    Say i have 50 articles and 5 article sites i'd like to submit them to from 5 of my websites.

    Can i take each article and submit it to each place(ezine, goarticles, articlebase, etc.) or does each submission(even to different places) need to be unique content ? Can i use each article for one website or all 5?? Basically, can one article be used only once or can i use it 5 times and to all 5 article directories i chose is the question.

    Also, since i know nothing about article marketing, can you give me some tips or things to remember, make sure to do when submitting the articles. Things to remember about titles, keywords, how often you should submit an article for your website. Also, how effective is this in marketing your site and what kind of effect can i expect to see? Should I build backlinks to the articles and how many? If you were to rank the 5 most useful article directories, what would they be?

    Any tips are much appreciated.

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    I would submit unique articles to the directories, and then once they are approved, put them on my website.

    As for tips, it depends on what you want to do.

    The general guideline is, hit a 1 - 4% keyword density in your article.

    Include your main keyword in your title.

    Keep length 250 - 500 words.
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    Some allow duplicate content, some don't. It's just a case of looking at each one individually.

    As for your other questions it's not that black and white. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't, it would be a 100% more effective for you just to try different methods yourself than to have someone tell you about their own experience in doing it.

    Most people consider Ezine articles the best although its also one of the hardest to get published in.
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    Submit your article to Ezine first and once it has been approved then you can submit the same article to other directories but not all of them accept duplicate content. I know that Go articles and Articlebase do.