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    Ok so I never really shared anything to BHW officialy and I want to do my homework, so here I go.

    The Basics

    Article marketing is actually pretty complicated at first, because you can't just throw a couple of words here and theyre and wait for people to click your ressource box(or link, call it what you want.) You have to think that if someone stumbled upon your article, it's because they were looking for a solution(98% of the time) and you have to give them the anwser to that solution.

    You MUST solve their problem within the first 100 words of your article so that they can read on and click on your link at the very bottom. I also suggest that you write 500 words articles maximum, and most importantly: PARAGRAPH! Articles with no paragraph look too long and can even discourage the reader.

    The Ressources Box Click-Trough Secret

    I've tested many many twist with ressources box and I can assure you that the best way to make the reader click is to make the ressource box a continuity of your last paragraph. By doing that, the reader will simply have no choice to read on, because he feels that he's not finished reading.

    I've also found that hype is not really converting well in ressources box, try doing a semi-hype type of message, more like a sales page title, but more subliminal.

    I hope those tips can help you into your article marketing jouney. They will surely do because I've achieved 45%+ CTR with those same methods.

    Good Writing everyone!
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