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    Okay so I have what at this stage is just the start of an idea. As we all know article marketing is one way to help promote our sites and build back links, however submitting to multiple article directories can be both time consuming and frustrating. Although there are software packages out there to help us most aren?t brilliant and can still be time consuming to use (manual registration at site, captchas etc).

    Having recently tried an auto-submitter that targets ArticleDashboard based sites, I got to thinking, and looked at the whole article marketing scene from both angles, that of a website owner and that of an article directory owner. Obviously the article marketer wants to submit his/her article so that they can gain valuable back links to their site, and the article owner wants to build up a quality directory of articles to earn revenue from AdSense clicks when people visit their site.

    Here is my idea:
    • I create / have created a free PHP & MySQL based article platform which allows webmasters to host their own article sites
    • To a normal user / author this would work in the same way as any other article submission site does, allowing them to submit an article for inclusion to that particular site.
    Brilliant right! Well so far no, but here is the idea part.

    For webmasters who are hosting their own article sites the system works differently
    • When they submit their own articles to their own site, they are not stored in the local database, but are instead sent out to the master remote database
    • All articles, from all owners, are then automatically included on every single site that is running the platform/software
    • There is no need/way for one owner to disapprove an article from another owner as they have no access to the remote master database
    Lets imagine that 100 webmasters are using the platform, that would mean that if you host your own article site on the platform then every time you submit your own article to the site you will also be automatically including it on 99 other sites as well.

    Every time another webmaster starts using the platform your article will automatically appear on it without you having to do anything. Of course it also means that every other webmasters articles will appear on your site.

    So why would I build / have this built?

    Well my plan would be to implement an AdSense rev share model in the platform. So if a webmaster using the platform doesn?t enter any AdSense ID at all mine would be shown at all times. If they do then it will work on a ratio basis, so could be 1 in 3 use my ID, or 1 in 5 etc. This could even be tiered based on pagerank or another measure perhaps, so for e.g. a PR1 directory uses my AdSense ID 50% of the time, where as a PR5 site only 10%. This would (hopefully) eventually cover my costs for developing the software/platform, maintaining it, hosting the master database and purchasing the Zend Encoder licence to stop other webmasters from bypassing the rules of use.

    And why am I posting this here?

    Well simple, this only works if other webmasters would be interested in using the platform and I build up a big user base. If no one used it then the benefit of having your owner articles automatically included on others would be useless.

    So any feedback from you would be appreciated, any ideas, concerns or thoughts and also if you?d be someone who might setup their own article site using the platform.

    PirateArticle Marketing Idea ? Your input requested.
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    With the 100 people example.
    You submit your article and it gets sent out to 99 other sites automatically.

    Does this mean the article will be exactly the same on all the sites?

    You would ideally want your article rewritten 99 times ideally.
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    Include a spinner in there somewhere and you have the start of a good business.