Article Marketing and the Google Slap

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    I'm about to step up my marketing efforts into the article domain, and I've been reading that Google search engine penalises sites with articles that contain the same content as articles on other sites. Now I can understand this if the articles were just copied and pasted from some article library and slapped on a number of article sites by a whole lot of different 'authors'.

    However, I would have thought that if I wrote an original article, and placed it on numerous article sites under my own name, then Google would see them as being mine and not penalise.

    The way I see it is each article I write must be original regardless if the articles are about the same product.

    The point of the matter is why should an original article author be penalised by Google? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding this and am way off beat. Any clarification on this by experienced article submission BHWers would be appreciated.
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