Article Directories- Should I submit one article to many or spin the article 1000 times


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Nov 3, 2008
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I'm not sure if this is really considered "white hat" but I'm considering some HEAVY article marketing. And had a few questions for the pros.

Should I simply take one article and submit it to the 1000+ article directories? Will that get me flagged/banned for dupe content? Finally, how will google treat me seeing the same article over and over again?

What is the best approach for someone wanting to submit an article to very many directories but not having the time to write 1000 completely different ones?

I was thinking about pirating a bunch of ebooks in my niche and simply ripping them out with a lil bit of change here and there. Hmmm this is a toughie for me.
Here's my main thing. I want to create a "google free site". Meaning not only do I not expect any traffic from google (certainly not in the short term), I'm trying hard to find alternative methods and have been successful in finding them.

I was just curious how google would treat 1 article in 1000 places.
If you do not expect traffic from Google, why are you concerned about dup content from Google?
I was wondering the same question. If your going to make unique content, why not take the time to spin the hell out of it and post it to whatever niche sites you have AND hammer the article sites with all the variations?
Because the kind of articles I write are specifically designed in certain ways to coerce the reader into performing an action. Spun articles are to put it very plainly: garbage.

I care because what google thinks because I do eventually want ranking on some keywords....just not during the first 6 months of my site's life.
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