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    Hi all

    I have a small problem. On one of the online shops I manage, there is a product lets just say its a paper clip. Now there are different colours of paper clip. There are pink, black, white, blue paper clips. From an SEO perspective I don't want to create multiple pages for each colour since the description is same and the pages would be too similar and may even incur a duplicate penalty. However I am totally aware that people search for different colours of this product. What I have done at the moment is to have a page with paper clips title, and in the description I mention the colours and there is a drop down list to select the colour before buying it but in my opinion this is not very SEO optimized for someone searching for specific colour clip. I was wondering if there is a better way to organize this? I am using Woocommerce with Wordpress on my website if this helps. Thank you!
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    If your shoppers naturally search for "blue paperclips" then you are probably better off having a targeted page for each color. It might mean that you have to vary the titles, headings, and descriptions by color too.

    Make sure your color names aren't insane... people might search for "lime green paperclips" but they will never search for "fiesta lime paperclips".