Are you taking advantage of this?

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    Hey, guys! Today I will add something in the BHW tip jar :D
    I see very few people that take advantage of this. There will be more from now on, I think :D. You probably know this intellectually but don`t apply it. A youtube video page comprises of the video + the metadata(description and tags)+ the backlinks(ordinary backlinks or favorites) + the COMMENTS. The comments are very important from a SEO perspective.

    I`ll give you an example. One day I was searching for my keyword on youtube. Number 3 was a video that didn`t had anything to do with the keyword so I was curious and clicked it. My kw was not present in the description or tags :eek: What happened? Some morons had gone off topic with the comments and started talking about my keyword :D. Not only my keyword but LSI words too :D

    Take advantage of this, and have a good one :)
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