Are You Still Afraid of Google - Stop Holding Yourself Back!

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    Every once in a while I like to write a little something. In this article I?ll discuss hindsight with regards to money making websites and algorithm updates.

    ?There once was a time long long ago. The year was 2013. This thing they called the internet was in its infant stages. People were still using these things called search engines like Google and social network sites like Facebook. The times of those companies has since past. Gosh, I wished we still lived in times. You know, when it was really easy to make money online.? ? Initial Effort - Year 2043

    The point of this is everyone keeps forgetting that you need to seize opportunity now while you still can. Don?t be the person that looks back 30 years from now and goes, boy it sure was easy to rank a website in 2013. The algo updates Google had then are nothing compared to the sophisticated models they have now.

    The reality is the rules change, but tools always improve to keep up with the needs of anyone trying to optimize for anything. Just like weapons have improved for battle, so does our industry specific software. Stop fearing Google and embrace the opportunity they have given you to make millions of dollars!

    Let?s pretend that you started SEO in 2001. You could have had 10 good years of using Xrumer, Scrapebox and Sitewide links to absolutely dominate the search engines. Think how easy it would be to earn multiple millions every year? Less than 2 years ago you could probably rank any website for almost any term with 100,000 forum profiles. Today that costs about $25 worth of links?

    So stop being afraid of all of these big bad updates. Do what you need to do to rank and make money. In the words of Robert Griffin III ? ?Go Catch Your Dream.? Obviously you need to be smart about it, but if a website is not your primary business website you should have no fear. Remember being #1 for 1 month is better than being #10 for a year!
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