Are you spamming BHW? Stop I am loosing my cool! Esteemed members please read!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by valwardon, May 16, 2009.

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    Just about every thread I see it .

    Semi- topic or non- topic post that make no damn sense in that thread.

    Great I just tried this!

    Thanks for the newbies need all the help we can get.

    Thank you for your advices ... you're the GURU man.

    I dream a big farm for horse riding.nice advice

    very motivating..thumbs up

    thanks for share

    Very inspiring Thank you

    Here is the sad thing people you look at these replies then do a user search and find out that all of there replies are exactly similar. The add NO value to this forum! The user in General adds no value to this forum. The end result is they should be banned!

    I am not pointing any fingers here we even have a network agent here who goes around and tells everyone what douches they are for using BH and how they are going to get banned! WHY? This is a BH forum why do we allow this to go on?

    There is no way the mods here who already have a work load the size of Alaska can go around and see just who is ban worthy. They can do what they can but if they do not see it they can not do anything about it.

    Personally I am tired of hitting the damn report button. As honestly it seems like a loosing battle :/

    I am going to end up getting a damn heart attack very soon as this really really upsets me!

    If you are spamming BHW know this your time here will soon be over. I am asking that everyone when they see a reply that does not matter when they see a few word reply when they just see BS hit the damn report button!

    I kinda wish instead of a report button they gave me a ban button :/
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    I love you, Valwardon, in a positively non-homosexual way. The report button is my best friend on here, sad but true. I've seen so many bans in the past week that it makes my head spin to even think about it. To tell the truth, I love it. But in addition to the massive number of bans handed out regularly by the moderators and administrators, there has been an abundance of useless posting like the posts you mentioned in yours.

    I've noticed that the moderators are in charge of several categories of the forum at once. In my personal opinion, I believe that there should be a different moderator for each and every section of the forum. Subsection, not so much, except maybe in the making money section. But I know that this is a hollow wish, therefore I digress.

    Again, there have been numerous bans, but nothing has been done to the posts. In my Downloads thread I hate having to sift through useless thanks before I get to the questions and the content to answer them appropriately. By the time I find the questions, I'm already pissed off at the thank you posts. There's obviously a thank you button. I used to spam, I admit, but I learned my lesson a month in and changed my ways, and have reaped the benefits thereof.

    Think people. Sincerely,
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    More and more I like the idea to have this forum as paid-membership only. Recently, the flood of BS grow up to a real tsunami. Paid membership would at least help to prevent banned members to rejoin easily.
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    I suggest you do what I did recently....take a vacation! You obviously don't have to leave the country like I did but when you take a week or more off from this place, it is much easier to ignore the BS. When you get back, the threads that are valuable stick out like a sore thumb. When you are here every day reading through dozens of threads, the anger can build but it gets you nowhere. The hammer did seem to fall quite a bit while I was gone though....nice to see!
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