Are you in Gambling Niche?


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Aug 10, 2008
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I'm in gambling niche for 5 years. Although I'm good at converting traffic, I can't get good amounts of traffic. Because I'm not good at seo.

I see blackhatters which are in gambling niche but when I look their sites/pages/spam forum posts,etc. they show that they know nothing about gambling industry.

If there are are anyone here who are good at getting tarffic,seo,spam.etc. we can work someting together. My average income is about $7-8 per visitor (i can only get 180-200 visitors/month).

I know which casino sites to promote and most profitable keywords to target.

If I had the traffic that some blackhatters on here have, i can earn 10x times of their income, because they target the wrong keywords and promoting wrong sites.

If you have good gambling traffic but can't convert, pm me, we can work something together, that will be good for both of us.