Are you friendly, pleasant, sociable?

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    I'm new to the site and have been spending my days reading everything I can get my hands on from here. I'm learning, but still have a long ways to go.

    So...I was thinking about others in the same situation as I am and decided that it might help to either give my insight on being a newbie here or info that I find on the web that might help newbies.

    The article below was written by Jim Slader, and I feel that a lot could be helped by practicing some of the tactics. I've talked to quite a few here on BHW and a lot are very helpful, but others leave a lot to be desired. This might help a few people increase their sales.

    Sometimes affiliate marketing can be a lonely business. You sit in front of your personal computer everyday looking at traffic statistics. You constantly write articles and send them to your quality article distribution service. Maybe you write product reviews and brandable reports. However, are you connecting with people on a regular basis? Being sociable can open up new markets for your affiliate products.

    Being sociable on the Internet means visiting chat portals, blogs, and forums. It also means responding personally, not via automated responses, to e-mails you receive for more information on an affiliate product. The more times potential customers see you as a person, and not a walking commercial, the better.

    Those people who comprise your niche market want something of value from you. When you visit a chat site or forum related to your affiliate topic, go there with the intent to inform. Do not go there as a veggie-slicer TV salesperson pressing for a sale.

    When you engage in discussions with like-minded individuals concerning your affiliate topic show them you are an expert in the subject. Give them useful information and point them to where they can access more information. Let them know where your website is and where your in-depth article content resides. Don't recite scripted sales letters to them on a chat site or a forum venue. The selling part of your job comes later. You are engaging here in pre-selling conversation.

    Visiting blogs is a tool to grow your affiliate business. When you check out web blogs that deal with topics related to your affiliate product, leave comments. In your comments, place a link to your website. If you leave intelligent comments that answer questions posed, you encourage a reader to check you out further. Take the time to check out the plethora of blogs on the web. Make a list of the ones appropriate to your affiliate topic. Schedule time to post relevant comments on these chosen blogs each week.

    It's the same with e-mail correspondence. Your affiliate website may encourage feedback and questions from your visitors. You encourage this so you can provide more affiliate product information to a potential customer. You also encourage this so you can build your list.

    When visitors to your site request more information do you just send out a pre-written automated response. While there is nothing wrong with that, it doesn't hurt to answer some e-mails personally. You cannot answer all of them, or even a third of them. You can answer, however, a sampling of them on a monthly basis. You build customer relationships this way.

    Answering a handful of e-mails personally on a regular basis means changing the subject line so it's more personal. If you do not, it will appear as just a sales type response and may get the big "X" for deletion. Address your e-mail personally to the person receiving it and put a short personal message in the subject line to encourage opening.

    Take the time to be sociable when it comes to affiliate marketing. When you engage in one on one conversation with potential customers, you breathe life into your business. Let's face it, affiliate marketing can seem highly impersonal at times. Make your affiliate business more personal and get those persons showing up as traffic to your website.
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