Are you banking? Want to expand to a fresh audience?

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    I'm looking to JV with someone, probably in the offline arena. I live in a state that has little going for it in the IM area but is growing. You don't have to worry about competition. If you have a working method, service or product and would like to target some cities/businesses/people here I can help and will take a negotiable percentage, I'm not greedy, long as it's worth my while.

    Most of my experience is in adult dating IM so I'm having a hard time branching out from that and am looking for something new. I have experience with mailing (internet and snail), moderate web design, ad copy, moderate graphics design, cold calling, in person meeting, product creation and development, payment processors, ORM, some SEO, an almost suicidal work ethic and know how to outsource what I can't do. I'm 34, husband has a good job and I just IM from home so I have lots of free time to devote to work. I'm stable, responsible, honest, presentable, drama-free and always follow through. I fear no niche or method. I've been known to bring new twists to the table once I have something going.

    I'm open to all things but I won't accept the work unless I believe I can make considerable profit for us both.

    Feel free to ask me any questions via IM or thread. If you need market area statistics and research I can do that too. I look forward to hopefully working with someone.
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