Are Yahoo the most stupid company ever?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Entrepreneur, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Obviously Yahoo have made some stupid company acquisitions over the years and they don't seem to really reinvent the wheel, so i consider them quite a shit company.

    Anyway, today i discovered something that seems unbelievably stupid. Or at least something that leaves me scratching my head. Big time.

    I typed in as i wanted to have a look at doing some adverts and stuff. :)

    The domain goes nowhere, so i presumed that i probably spelt it wrong so typed it in to Google. No results of note anywhere...

    They were actually bought years ago by Yahoo, but as anyone with any intelligence would expect, the old domain would redirect to the new site. It doesn't. It does nothing.

    If you search for bluelithium in Google there's no links anywhere even for a Yahoo domain. I then decided to search in Yahoo and it's exactly the same.

    So, where is bluelithium?

    After exploring Yahoo looking for the advertising platform they bought form Bluelithium, i found an ace flash navigation/information thing. (I'm joking it's like something built using Flash 4 by a 6 year old on speed and crack.)

    See it by following and within the three central links click on "our network". The flash tour da force, appears in the centre (with two black arrows in the top left). This can be clicked to go full screen, check it out. It's infuriating.

    So after that sick-inducing, MTV style demo of how not to use flash, i found myself asking?

    How is a company that is this dumb, still around?

    Do they not need advertisers? Do they not care about the wasted traffic that is likely still going to the Blue Lithium domain? Do they not care about usability?

    What do all you lot think? Because i'm actually a little angry looking for what was once bluelithium. :D
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    Hahaha this is funny. I do agree that flash is surprisingly disappointing.