Are Wordpress Tags Actually Useful for SEO? My Competition is Successfully Using Them


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Jan 22, 2016
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Evil Company X has been ranking at #1 for most of the terms in my niche. If you look at their site, it's 25 posts with most under 500 words. While they have more backlinks, their quality is debatable, since most are obviously from cheap link blasts. I've found a PBN of 5 sites that link back to their homepage. Essentially, it's a textbook example of a micro-niche site. I've analyzed, poked, prodded, crawled, and even asked some dude on the street, but I hadn't been able to figure out what they were doing to rank with such thin content and weak links. Their tag pages are #1 across most of the niche's keywords.

It was driving me nuts trying to see what they were doing to rank.

Then I started digging into one of their articles, and I noticed something. Google has 2500 pages indexed for them. Remember how I said that their site only had 25 posts? In looking at the code for one of the posts, I found what I think they are doing. Every post has a minimum of 50 tags attached to it. Each tag is a keyword from the niche. Inside the HTML, the tag is used as an meta tag for the article like this: <meta property="article:tag" content=. It's also added as a class to the <div id="content_box"> tag. Most times it's not used anywhere else inside an article. For money pages, they use 500-700 tags per post. The page is the tagword for the H1 and title tags, and then the excerpt is going to the post that's been tagged. Contrary to the common SEO beliefs, the tag pages are not NOINDEX and/or NOFOLLOWED.

By doing this, most of their posts have 2000 internal pages linking with the top 10 or so having 5000 internal links. I don't see any way for a user to get to a tag page unless it's from Google or other SERP.

I'm going to try testing this on a small scale, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of doing this: excessive tagging in Wordpress. I would think that they would get penalized for duplicate content since there're so many pages which are identical except for the title. My searching has found most sites say to NOINDEX tag pages.

PS: Judging from some of the junk words included, the tags appear to have been a straight copy/paste from the Keyword planner.


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Jun 19, 2010
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I think they can avoid about duplicate content by using rel="canonical". this way tell Google about the prefer their URLs using to get keywords ranking. The detail you can find here:

I'm also using tag in my Wordpress blog, however the quantity is not much, usually around 10-30 tags per post.

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Jun 14, 2016
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Yes tags are still useful for SEO but make sure to not overdo it, as google is a lot more strict nowadays