Are Warrior Forum WSO's Just a Big Rip-Off? -- Free tool, SEO Plan

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by joewendt, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I have been lurking on the warrior forum for a little while, getting the emails for WSOs, doing research, etc. and I've discovered that the WSO section can be a giant circle jerk. I never see any bad reviews on the popular WSOs. To me, that's a giant red flag because there is always someone who dislikes even the best products. Further, many of the good reviews seem to be from the same cluster of people. So I got on some of their mailing lists and (big shock) all they do is promote WSOs of the day ? and each other?s WSOs.

    There?s a lot of money to be made online and I don?t think you should always have to dupe people - or prey on newbies - to get it. This also makes the good products look suspect and hurts marketers who are honestly trying to help new people. Looking at the WSOs available there, particularly the SEO and affiliate marketing products, I'm very glad I never spent any real money on them... they're all the same! It amazes me how they all get these great reviews as such brilliant and innovative products (from non-affiliates). I should build a list just to get in on the action (or sell a crap affiliate marketing product).

    Here is the WSO SEO Plan in a nutshell:
    1. Use whatever tools you have to generate a huge keyword list. (Market Samurai, Scrapers, Keyword *****, Traffic Travis, Google KW tool, etc.)
    2. Throw that keyword list into an analysis program like Market Samurai or Traffic Travis
    3. Out of the thousands of keywords generated, use the analysis results to pick a primary keyword that you can realistically rank for (what those numbers are varies, but let?s say we'll use MS golden rules for this example). Also pick a handful of related secondary keywords that don't have insane competition.
    4. Buy a domain that has your primary KW in it.
    5. Create a WordPress blog around affiliate products related to that KW.
    6. Create some content for it, with the main page featuring the main KW and other posts featuring secondary KW's.
    7. Monetize your posts with affiliate products (CB, CJ, CPA, Amazon, etc.)
    7. Link it with social media
    8. Regularly post to your social media accounts and new blog to have a steady flow of fresh content.
    9. Build backlinks using article submission, social bookmarking, blog comment posting, forum marketing, guest blogging, etc.
    10. Seek out link partners and people who will become likes or followers of your social accounts.
    11. Drive your Lamborghini to the beach because you are now an overnight internet millionaire. Congratulations!

    There, now you never have to buy another SEO WSO again. For more experienced folks, this is nothing new. For newer folks, I just saved you some money ? and if you want more detail, search this forum ? there are some really outstanding posts on SEO here. Hell, I may just turn this post into a WSO!

    What really prompted me to make this post was a WSO I saw recently for a new "magical niche keyword super affiliate money tool" or some hyped up pitch like that. Scroll down to find out this assh*le (or genius, depending on how you look at it) is putting all this hype around yet another Google keyword scraper and charging these poor saps $17 for it. Seriously?!?! I saw another one of these a couple weeks ago with a different skin on it. And a few weeks prior I got a guru email to download for free some POS scraper hastily slapped together in ubot as a promo to buy his junk push-button-get-rich software.

    OK, keyword scrapers are very useful for initial research. If you can't afford some of the higher-end tools, $17 sounds like a great deal. It's not. If you are looking for a keyword scraper, here is a free one that I use and it works great (I can't post links yet, so please forgive the format). And no, I'm not affiliated with this guy in any way.

    hxxp:// www ~ keywordoptimizerpro ~ com

    As far as I've found with many SEO/Aff Marketing WSOs, there are a few gems in the manure, but it's not worth losing your gold watch reaching up the cow?s ass to find them. Don't waste your money on these WSOs until you visit BHW first. At least here you'll get an honest assessment of the product... but more beneficially, you will probably learn more reading the posts (like I have) than you ever would by buying many of these WSOs.
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    You said it best my friend. I think half of IM is selling IM info to newbies and since every method under the sun has been exhausted, we just see the same rehashed crap over and over. A lot of WSOs are probably made by these so called noobs that were told to make a WSO. it must work thoigh and must be making these guys some serious cash over and over again. i agree that you just have to draw a line somewhere to where you arent basically scamming people out of their money for junk info that the lesser knowns dont realize it can all be learned for FREE at forums like bhw. i am so grateful i found this forum before stumbling upon WF or DP which are just pathetic forums.
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    I think most WSO's are simply a way to build an email list and make some money while you're doing it... that's why you see so many $7 WSO's.

    Let's face it, would YOU sell an idea that you are really making money with for a few bucks?

    Once in a while you find something good but for the most part its people who have an interesting idea and then write a WSO on it.

    I can't believe some of the people that write these things. I have recently seen 4 WSO's from people who I have talked to and helped on the phone a number of times and I can confirm that they are completely unqualified to write ANYTHING on the subject of IM.
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    As a newbie, it's easy to get sucked into the WSOs, especially since each seems to have it's own circlejerk and devoted followers. Thankfully I've avoided them, (and kind of abandoned the Warrior Forum altogether). I feel like it's better to learn the basics starting out than try and wade through the mountain of products offering a quick fix.
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    WSO at WF just regurgitate information you can get for free.
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    I bought my first WSO last week in three years and I thought the product on SEO was pretty damn good.

    In fact it's helped three of my sites land in the top 3 for the keywords I wanted.

    Of course, the same information is found here if you dig deep enough.
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    i wasted 37$ on a WSO. then after i few days i discovered bhw......BOOM! everything changed. i never opened my WSO again.
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    Really, why bother buying those stupid WSOs when most of them end up here in the download section for free? Their plan for making money is to get you to buy their stupid WSO!
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    Is this a serious question? I think everyone and their mom knows that Warrior Forum is a joke and everything that is offered there is worthless ;)
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    Everyone starts at WF, doesn't mean you end there lol.