Are there tools available for doing this?

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    Hello BHW community,

    just wondering wether there are tools (doesnt matter if free or not) available to do the following. I know that there are for some things but I would love to hear from you which are the best to use.

    - Autoblog plug in: Should read RSS feed(s) and post content on the blog.

    - Autocomment plug in: Should automatically post comments on ******** auto-approve blogs for the autoblogged articles.

    - Social Media Bookmark plug in: Should automatically posed the autoblogged articles on social media / social bookmarking sites.

    - Autotranslate plug in: Is there a plug in which translates articles from an RSS feeds and posts it? Just wondering wether if I would take e.g a french article, translate it with Google translator, and post it on a blog, the article would rank good? I mean, at least it is unique content, isn't it?

    Thank you very much!