Are there currently any good tools for maintaining multiple Tumblr accounts?

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    I'll need to maintain several hundred Tumblr accounts in the near future.

    I'll be looking for these features primarily:

    1)Ability to auto post text, pics and vids

    2) Ability to schedule and automate posts from the tool side and/or utilize the internal scheduler Tumblr has already

    The following features are not mandatory, but would be great features:

    A) auto follow
    B) auto unfollow
    C) auto follow tags
    D) auto follow tags
    E) auto syntax spin text

    *Remember the most important features are the 1st two that I mentioned, as there are already others out there that can do the other things mentioned.

    If anyone knows of any other methods to automate posting pics and vids in large batches, such as by way of a 3rd party service or emailing I'm curious to hear your methods too.

    I know I can go the custom route. I just want to explore any possibilities that currently exist first.

    Thanks as always!
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