Are there anyway to reduce bounce rate - BH style?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by yoessan, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I have a "made-for-SEO" autoblog containing pages with gibberish contents and just enough keyword density to rank in google.

    The site have 66% bounce rate due to scraped contents on the site - which makes no sense at all to human reader.

    I've change the template many time trying to reduce the bounce rate, but 66% is my best number as of now.

    My question is: are there anyway to reduce the bounce rate without relying on content of the page?

    Any thoughts?
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    Nov 18, 2010
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    I figure out ways to make money online and then au
    * Add some pretty pictures for them to look at
    * Add videos to keep them on the page longer
    * Give them some nice juicy links to click to keep them on your domain rather than clicking back to the serps
    * Disable the back button with obfuscated javascript
    * Pop some nice readable content over the top using jquery and an iframe, also obfuscated

    Unfortunately high bounce rate is just one of the prices you have to pay for generated content in 2011.
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    Hey Autumn so nice ideas I hadb't seen before there. As I have tons of autoblogs bounce rate is a problem and lately seems to be a concern too so I might try a few of these out and report back in a month or so when I see if any of them work, cheers.
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    If you want to use WH techniques take what the other guys above me had to say, and also look at page loading times. Some people have slow internet connections and these people could (maybe) be part of your target market, so you would want to think about this one as well. You can try optimise your images for the web so that they take up less space on your server (and less time to load on the browser). I use Photoshop CS5 to do this, although GIMP probably goes a good job as well. GZIP compression is something you can also try (check with your host to see if they enable this).

    If you are wanting to use BH techniques you could always find Alexa boosters and a few thousand working (preferably highly anon or elite) proxies and run your site through that. That has helped my Alexa rank and bounce rates. I have also had a look at (you will need Google Toolbar with translation etc enabled, as it is in Chinese) and used their software and although all "traffic" comes from Chinese cities/i.p addresses it really does lower your bounce rates significantly. I ran their software through VirusTotal and my own virus scanner (McAfee) and it checked out Virus free.

    Using got my bounce rates from around 70% to 40%, although using this software is a last resort, as I am looking at page loading times, image sizes, content etc first.
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    Nov 25, 2010
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    66% on junk content and you want to decrease it? Seriously? I would have thought 66% for crap is fantastic. Please educate me if I am wrong as I have not looked into autoblogging.