Are there any known confilcts between W3 Total Cache - CloudFlare URL Replacement and Arti

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    W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare both work with minifying css, html, and javascript and optimizing their delivery to the visitor.
    Could they be causing this. (see the attachment)

    I have menu and advertising widgets in all sorts of places I didn't put them.
    (that is an Artisteer theme, that might be important, I don't know)

    It is an imtermittent problem. Sometimes it looks fine, sometimes it looks like the screenshot.
    (the screen shot can be enlarged and will scroll up and down, it is of the whole page)

    This site was fine until I noticed my page load times were painfully slow. That is when I tried W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare. Prior to this there were no display issues.
    The screen shot is from Firefox, it also looks like this on intermittently on IE.

    What do you think I should do.

    Thank you for taking your time to consider my problem. It is appreciated.

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