Are there any cpa networks i can join which i owuldnt have to brownnose to them every 5min

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Ranko Jones, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Reading soem of these stories cpa seems as bad or maybe worse than adsesne :(

    The more I am reading about cpa networks is the worse it sounds.

    1st there is the bullshit brownnosing of getting into the network then once in you have to buddy up like a little bitch to your AM (forgot what that stands for).

    Then even still you are in constant fear of your traffic going down.

    This soudns like we are back to having a whipcracking boss like a 9-5.

    Are there easygoing networks that arent like this and who i dont have to be calling every 5 minutes telling them my business?

    I got into IM cos im really rather antisocial and dont wanna deal with this interaction bullshit. so can i somehow avoid that while still getting the benefits of cpa?

    Sure adsense is banhappy but at least i dont have to deal with any of those fools perosnally and just pick up my cheques like clockwork when the going is good.
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    Here's how CPA works.

    A company pays $x of dollars to a CPA company to get targetted leads to their product. The CPA company, then in turn, offers a gateway for affiliates to promote that offer and earn $y per qualified lead they generate.

    Here's the catch : Those leads need to eventually convert into paying members otherwise the company is paying for worthless information. Which means that you need to keep a steady ratio of full conversions.

    Wanna know why there is so much "brown nosing" / Security Checks / Calls / etc in CPA? Because CPA companies have to cover their asses and make sure affiliates are sending targetting traffic that converts, otherwise they lose their client's money.

    Most companies will however leave you alone after your initial signup unless you ask them a question, and some even do have a no-questions-asked signup process, but the point of my post was to make you understand that in the CPA business, you need to be open about how you generate traffic and leads to build a good relationship with the company.
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    Lordcameltoe said the most but i guess they will ask you if your traffic gets suspicious (no sales but a lot of leads...)
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    This is it in a nutshell...Thanks for clearing this up LordCameltoe...Like your user name...:)
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    This was really informative for a newbie like me.

    Your nick is hilarious, laughed so hard :D

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