Are subdomains the best way to hide affiliate links


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Dec 14, 2008
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How do you hide your affiliate links? Do you use a subdomain or some different method? Also what do you think of this code I picked up to mask affiliate links from google?

It wouldn't let me include it if you want the code email me at successpass a gmail . c o m with the words mask affiliate code from google in the title!
bit .ly, they have the best (free) that i've seen analytics on clicks to your converted urls.
I use the ones mentioned above. The only problem is: Your 'converted' affiliate ID including the whole link shows in the explorer when clicked. I have affilate deals with over 200 businesses from CJ CB TD buy*at AW. Bit*ly is ok in so far as you have the chance to customise the link to a degree. But not stop the original crappy link showing when clicked. I have bought affiliate link cloaking software You paste your link, it says 'link cloaked page created' upload to server. All you get is a FF icon. No text. So how can I place a F***** icon in the description of a video?
I use YT and others to promote my links. My videos do well. Individiual as per company offer. I want to be able to place a clickable link in description that leads directly to the chosen sales page rather than any of my websites. Showing my text e.g. h**p..Be the next instant millionaire. Not h*8t..p useruid exy=//123456878653. You know what I mean?
I have software for a banner cloaker but that does not help me with video. Any advice would be really greatly appreciated. Big G won't allow redirects to affiliate sites. Why do they make it so F****** hard for people to make cash??:(
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