Are proxies / VPN usefull to create multiple Facebook Accounts ?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by jtrash01, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Hi, I have created some tools in JAVA language: They are still in early stage of development, so don't beg/ask me to upload them please... NO At this moment. Maybe in near future ;)
    • Email Account Creator (Only Free Email Providers)
    • Group Poster (All groups)
    • Friend Requests Confirmator
    • Profile Albums Downloader
    • Facebook creator (Creates FB accounts)
    • iMacros for Tumblr (followers, likes, reblogs)
    • And I have some more in mind... But are time consuming tasks.
    They work fine, But I'm Facing problems... About Facebook Account Registration and lately with the Phone Verification. I Can't reset IP Address and when I try to create a new account I get Instantly blocked by FB (I've lost 7 accounts tonight just testing hehe), And I need advice of someone that used to create Facebook Accounts through Proxies/VPN. It's useful to use proxies to bypass/not be "detected" by facebook, what you would recommend me ?????

    Since I'm trying to develop a solution to create multiple accounts by myself without being "caught" by facebook, fiverr gigs and account sellers aren't valid for me atm. No advices about them please. Just proxies for registering facebook accounts. And related things.

    This is my first post in BHW, so be kind with me please.
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    u need multiple proxy to manage them