Are linkpower divided through keywords?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Scipio00, Jul 14, 2011.

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    If your kw are on the same page, then will your two anchor url point to the same page and only the first link will pass on linkjuice. You can consider your second link as a "NF" link, because it wont pass on link juice, but it will still help your ranking.

    If your are pointing to two different url, then will they both pass on linkjuoce.
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    I think second one is better. Keyword it title tag is huge advantage in serp. Since you already have linkpower to your site, your site has authority. But google doesnt know that it should rank you for your second keyword.

    Here is how I do, in my sites. When I want to add some new keyword for my site, I will add it in title tag, and point build some link with that keyword. Very few links would be enough since you already have authority. My site was 3 year old ecommerce site.
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    Your page doesn't compete against itself. It competes against pages on other domains. So no, targeting 2 keywords won't dilute one of them or balance the ranking power between the two.

    However, I don't recommend targeting 2 significantly distinct keywords with the same page. There are many reasons not to do that from SEO to conversion. What I recommend is targeting a keyword family. Also, if the keyword family is large I wouldn't use just a page but a section of the site for it, or even an entire site.

    Details matter though, so if the 2 keywords are very related, you can optimize them both on a single page but don't stop there. Optimize keyword1 on page1 more (60%) and keyword2 on page2 more. On page2 you also optimize keyword1. That way you get a double listing in the SERPs for both keywords.

    Usually for any keyword there are many many longtails, so I prefer to optimize one keyword family per page (with exceptions) and build links with anchor text that varies a lot but is around the main keyword (longtail keywords). So I could have just 10% of the links with the exact keyword but I would have 60% of the links with longtail keywords as anchor text and 30% with generic anchor text to look natural (e.g. click here).
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