Feb 8, 2020
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So, I am selling tees through Teespring but havent had any luck with fb ads so far
So I tried the method following this video
I contacted a 45kfollowers page related to the niche of my shirt(cats) and got it to make a post on their page and add a link in their bio for 24hr
The post on insta has got 200likes but like 4 link clicks to the actual product = total failure

I would like your input about paid links in bio on instagram to sell tshirts, does it generally work and it was just a bad design? Basically any info and tips you can give me related to buying posts+links in bio from instagram will be golden, thank you
Also, if you sell on teespring, what ratio of in site view per buy do you actually consider good? For example:
You see that out of 160 link clicks my tees have only sold 1 time, since an averagely performing fb ads costs me about 15$ for 50 link clicks... You can clearly see where the problem is here...