Are Google 'Ventures' killing SEO..

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    This isn't an 'SEO is dead' thread, don't worry..

    But this IS a disturbing new trend that we have been noticing in some specific niches.. and if it continues it could have a pretty nasty effect on a lot of big niches (depending on how much Google spreads it - and knowing Google, it could be fairly huge..)

    You've probably heard that Google has a 'venture' scheme where they invest in websites and bla bla bla..

    However investing isn't the only thing they do.. they also seem to be giving the top results to their partners..

    And when I say top results, I do mean plural, and in some cases it's getting pretty absurd..

    Check out the results for 'ebony wood interior decor' for example: in this case their partner is taking up 4 (yes FOUR) top positions, for different URLs for this one keyword..


    I think this is the beginning.. and this could spread like fire.. these results are NOT from the algo, they are manually placed there because they are a partner..

    If Google starts to roll this out over hundreds of niches, you tell me how to compete with that.. It wouldn't be a matter of gaming an algo anymore, if they manually place results, there's no beating them..

    While I do think that they'll probably tone it down a little, since 4 results for the same website doesn't seem like a great 'user experience', we've seen Google do crazier things in the past...
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    houzz :))))
    Google doing its legitimate stuff once again :D

    The entire upperfold for the partner eh, not a bad idea.