Are free blogs effective for backlinks?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by lesaurus, Jan 4, 2009.

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    There are a few techniques on BHW focusing on link building spread over different ip's such as this

    The point seems to be that if your blogs are spread over at least different c class IP's, then you can links between them and create your own link juice.

    A typical set-up maybe to have one main site that is monetized and several others that live on separate hosts targeting keyword variations of the main site. These smaller satellites or micro sites all link to the main site and possibly to each other, and provide a solid structure for seo.

    This topic seems to be unresolved with differing opinions as to whether it works or not, whether just using different c-class IP's is enough or whether other factors such as who-is info, name-servers, geo-location and some even more technical aspects are crucial as well.

    One obvious way to overcome this would be to use separate hosts for each and every blog, hiding the who-is info and refraining from using adsense on them, keeping them purely for link sites. Basically covering your tracks in every way possible. As the internet grows, google and its tools are growing as well and it won't be long (if it hasn't happened already) before blog farms and the like will be easily detected and nothing but the most clandestine networks will be of any use.

    Of course to establish a network such as this, although not technically difficult, would involve more time and money to a point that it may not be worth the link juice that it provides.

    My question is this. There are millions of free blogging sites on the internet, popular examples are blogger and wordpress. We all know that one can own large numbers of these sites for absoloutely nothing and could use these as link sites, all pointing to our main sites.

    Are these sites however looked upon by the search engines as important enough to have any kind of impact in our link building.

    I can see that maybe the domain name may be a problem i.e. could possibly be less effective than

    Are there any other problems i am overlooking.

    Just seems to me that rather than pay for seo hosting on different ip's at around $5 per IP per month, there are millions of completely free ip's out there waiting to be used - o.k. it's probably a pain in the *** to log in and maintain these sites but if they are just going to hold a few relevant articles, how often would you need to access them.

    I get the feeling i am missing something major here and i hope that some one considerably cleverer than me can tell me.

    Thanks in advance.

    I would assume that most of these would have separate hosts, IP's etc.
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    I'm embarking on exactly this process for my first official "campaign". A central domain with unique content, lot's of free sites filled with crap that point inward.

    How is my time better spent: banging out a freeby blog, fill it with copied PLR articles and link it to my central website. This would probably take about an hour for each new freey blog. I can see that each crap blog would probably have a PLR of 0 to start with.


    Take the time to write an article and spin it (approx one hour). Then go about posting it on article sites with a link back to my central domain.

    Which link is better use of your time? Something from a free, crappy blog or a link from a crappy article site? (I know the correct answer is a link from a quality site, but hey, doing all this activity makes it FEEL like your doing something worthwhile, right?)
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    It works but it should be used in conjunction with other types of links. You should really test those thins instead of asking it here. A lot of people have a lot of opinions and I had a 100 times to do something that other people said it can't be done. It's all up to you, use other people info. just for directions but not as a guide. I use free blogs as important part of my LB efforts but I do it for my type of promotion, for someone else it maybe won't be so effective. I create daily 30-50 new blogs and promote 1 web 2.0 site with 50-100 links from free blogs. I don't know why you say may be less effective than because I see it completely the opposite. Blogger already has some authority where is new domain that has no authority at all.
    I use free blogs to rank I use free blogs to link. You should really test it and see the results and take conclusions from those results. I have analyzed some domains and looked at the type/structure of backlinks some sites have. I saw some sites rank with 90% using just directories (and people say that those links are useless) I saw some sites rank using only a lot of blogger and wordpress blogs for backlinks. I saw people rank very good using mainly hi5 profiles backlinks and I saw people ranking with only couple of blog farms. Just try something and take notes :) And remeber, you can make 10000 backlinks but if you target wrong keyword phrases and too competitive area than you will fail. So work smarter not harder :) But you do need to work.
    And one last note that I always tell, if it's for authority site build links slowly and mix a lot of types(sources) of links.
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    You can do both. I build out the free blogs and then interlink them together as well as point links to my money sites. I try to mix it up so that I'm not pointing to my money site with every post and I don't post to every blog every day. Right now this is done through email posts, but I really need to write an app to do this in a more automated way. Of course is it was automated then I would likely get lazy and get myself into trouble.
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    My personel experience is : They are effective. I am trying to make as much as i can from them.